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No idea if this pic will show up, but otherwise I will try in replies. My brother and me made a gun rack for his and my guns. Took one night, zero dollars and zero holes in the wall. Just made it from some scraps in the garage. I bought a locking door knob so now my closet is a secure (enough for kids) place for

Backed up my computer onto an external hard drive last night and reinstalled windows. This morning only half the crap is there. All music gone.

So as a lurker rather than much of a poster I am able piece together the wonderful language that oppo has created. The one I am struggling with is the SR20 rule. Please explain to this new guy

At the border today saw an 80's 911. Looking awesome as usual. Then I come closer and note the RUF on the side... So awesome! Also, dude had a couple kids in the back(!) of the car. Good times! SR20 in reply. I hope. Lemme figure this out.

All you opponauts who enjoy firearms and think they are important, please go to this site from Ruger. They have a form email that is sent to 11 of your representatives (they find them for you) and it is super easy. It is important to send a message at this time.

Just got 12 quarts of oil (10w30) from costco for 24 bucks. It is on sale right now. I feel like I got a good deal. Yes?

Wow the gun stores online are going crazy. Everyone is sold out of everything. What says Jalopnik to when the madness will end and I can get what I want...

So while feeling clever I made it so I could go on oppo on my iphone by going to the full site. Now I can't get to the mobile optimized site for jalopnik. Any bright ideas on solutions from those more clever than I?

As a newbie to forza and the car gaming online dealio can someone tell me what online aspects are there in forza horizons. Looks like a ton of fun. To most people play off line most of the time? I am used to playing MW3 where the only thing most people do is play online and interactions with other players make it

So today going through the border today I see a Countach pulled in to the inspection lane! I get rather excited and since I know the guards, I get out of my car to take pictures/caress/stalk/attempt to keep my pants on.

So my last two days have been pretty great jalop wise. Yesterday sitting on a beach near a bridge and about 15 supercars went past, led by a ford gt then a wack of ferraris. I could only see them above the belt line due to the bridge but yet my heart was stirred. Then today on a drive up Mt. St. Helens a 911 turbo

Why does oppo not work on my iphone anymore? Is there an update I am not aware of? I am using chrome should I try something else?